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Health and Nutrition

Malnutrition is one of the greatest development challenges affecting children in Cambodia. Of children under 5 years old, 40% are stunted through chronic malnutrition, 28% are underweight and 11% are wasted. Although some progress is evident in recent years, malnutrition rates remain stubbornly and alarmingly high.

Health and Nutrition is one among World Vision’s four strategic areas of focus in Cambodia.

Programme's Goal

Our Health and Nutrition programme's goal is to increase in children who are healthy and well nourished.

Our Approach

We take multi-faceted approach to address the problem.

Health and Nutrition: Approach
Many different factors contribute to malnutrition. Therefore at WVC we take a multi-faceted approach to address the problem, working with the Government and other national and local partners in four key areas:
  • Help families develop year-round access to nutritious food
  • Support caregivers in adopting improved feeding practices for infants and young children
  • Help communities protect children from infection and disease through improved management of diarrhoea and better access to clean water and sanitation
  • Support the government in improving the implementation of national nutrition policies.

Our Annual Impact

222,410 children directly impacted by our Health and Nutrition Programme.

Education Impact

Our Areas of Focus

In Cambodia, World Vision is working in 36 districts across 9 provinces and Phnom Penh city, implementing health and nutrition, education and life skills, child protection and youth projects benefiting 2.7 million children every year.