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Child Protection

In Cambodia significant numbers of children are vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, neglect and other forms of violence. Over 1.6 million children 5-17 years old are in child labour, majority of which are believed to have been trafficked (85 percent of children migrating to Phnom Penh are seeking job). At least 200 under-aged girls enter into sex industry per year. High percentage of boys and girls have experienced domestic violence.

Street children and children living in institutions are also vulnerable. These issues are compounded by problems with inadequate social services (1 district social worker to 25,000 people), police enforcement and judicial systems in handling cases that involve children.

Child Protection is one among World Vision’s four strategic areas of focus in Cambodia.

Programme's Goal

Our Child Protection programme's goal is as follows children are protected from abuse and exploitation.

Our Approach

We work with partners at different levels to seek to strengthen the Cambodian child protection system.

Child Protection Approach
We recognize that effective protection of children requires a system of coordinated formal and informal elements working together to prevent and respond to abuse, neglect, exploitation and other forms of violence against children. We work with partners at different levels to seek to strengthen the Cambodian child protection system with the aim of seeing: greater prevention of abuse through positive community attitudes and behaviours more effective protection of vulnerable children through community based mechanisms and child-focused policies more profound restoration of survivors of abuse through community-based restorative care.

Our Annual Impact

42,338 children directly impacted by our Child Protection Programme.

Child Protection Impact

Our Areas of Focus

In Cambodia, World Vision is working in 36 districts across 9 provinces and Phnom Penh city, implementing health and nutrition, education and life skills, child protection and youth projects benefiting 2.7 million children every year.