World Book Day 2019

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is World Vision Cambodia?

World Vision is a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. World Vision serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. We aim to empower our staff and the communities we serve to take part in building a better future for Cambodian children. This future includes the “fullness of life” and the will to carry out the work that transforms community members, making families stronger and more resilient to economic uncertainties.

For more information on World Vision work, visit our website.

When is World Book Day?

World Book Day is on Tuesday, the 23rd of April 2019. World Vision’s campaign for World Book Day will run from the 10th of April to the 30th of April 2019.

What is World Book Day?

World Book Day is a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading around the world. Established by UNESCO, it is a one-day festival, which is celebrated in over 100 countries all over the globe.

What is World Vision Cambodia’s World Book Day campaign?

World Vision Cambodia’s World Book Day campaign is a fundraising event to raise funds for books that will be distributed to our Education programmes throughout the country. We believe every child should have a strong education to enable them to thrive. And a good education starts with books. This World Book Day, we are trying to raise enough funds for books that, when stacked on top of each other, will reach the top of the Independence Monument (37 metres)! This is a total of 12,333 books.

Why the Independence Monument?

This monument memorialises the independence of Cambodia. It symbolizes not only Cambodia’s sacrifices but Cambodia’s ability to bloom like a lotus and stand strong like an Angkor stupa.We believe having access to books, children too can bloom and have access to a strong education that will last a lifetime and beyond, just like the Independence Monument.

Why books?

Apart from being World Book Day, books play a vital role in the education and development of a child. Books are packed with vital knowledge, lessons and adventures, and help develop vital literacy skills. Yet the average Cambodian child has access to only 20 books at their schools. These books are shared with an average of 300 peers and are rarely updated. There is growing evidence nationally that many Cambodian students are not equipped with adequate reading skills, are not motivated to read, or cannot read. Many students want more and a larger variety of books. With a growing awareness that reading is important, it is important that we provide the right resources for children to obtain literacy skills and develop a love for reading. The more books in a library or school, the more children can learn and understand, they can thrive.

How does the campaign work?

Between the 10th of April to the 30th of April 2019, raise funds for as many books as you can. Each book costs only USD$2 and can be donate online or offline. The books will be purchased according to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Development requirements and distributed into our Education programme libraries and schools throughout 2019. So get together with family, friends or your community to fundraise a for a book, a collection, a bookshelf or even an entire library to give children the chance to have a book to thrive.

How do I sign up?

There are no requirements to register for this campaign. Simply, begin fundraising between the campaign dates and donate the money you have fundraised through the same wing account or name on GoFundMe to be eligible for the incentives. Check out the ADP guide, schools guide, and Church guide on how to donate through them for the campaign.

How do I raise money?

In our experience, the best way to raise money is simply to ask – you’d be surprised by how many people are willing to support your efforts for a good cause! Here’s * steps for fundraising success:

1. Get Inspired

Know why you are raising funds to purchase books on World Book Day. Read stories from our Education programmes and the importance of books for childhood development. Understand communities and children’s hope for the future and how you can help them reach their full potential.

2. Set a Goal

Set a goal for how much you’d like to raise – such as $10, or 5 books, or maybe to fill a library! Aim high – you’ll be surprised by how much people are willing to give to support you and communities in Cambodia. Tell your network what your goal is and how their support will help you get there.

3. Add a personal touch

Personalise your messages. Share why you are participating in World Vision Cambodia’s World Book Day campaign.

4. Make a list

Who might want to sponsor you (give a donation)? Think family, friends, neighbours, sports coaches, church groups, social groups, your parent’s co-workers, your local café, your work place… get creative!

5. Reach out

Get in touch with your list of potential sponsors. Tell them about World Book Day and why you want to raise funds for World Vision’s Education programmes. Then ask if they’d like to sponsor you.

6. Use social media

Share the fundraising link on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, everywhere, and tell everyone why you are participating in World Vision Cambodia’s World Book Day campaign. This is a perfect way to get people aware and excited about the campaign.

7. Get creative

Post regularly about World Book Day throughout the campaign – but don’t post the same thing each time. Make it fun! Some ideas: Encourage people to sponsor you by promising humorous rewards (i.e. Sponsor me for $10, and I’ll wear my bike helmet for a day)Use our social tiles from our resource list – or creative your own! Post photos or share stories on why you are participating in World Vision Cambodia’s World Book Day campaign Get your social network involved. Encourage your friends and family to fundraise and compete against each other for the most donations. Post regular updates on how your fundraising is going so your supporters can see the difference their money is making. Remember to tell your sponsors where the money goes.

8. Say Thanks

Each time you reach a fundraising milestone, celebrate BIG and let everyone know! Put up a thank you post to everyone who sponsored you, or better yet, get in touch with them personally. Once the campaign is over, don’t forget to tell your sponsors how you went including how much their support meant for you and the impact it will make.

Where can I access materials to promote the campaign?

On our home page you can access a variety of resources to help with your fundraising. There is a collection of posters and flyers with information on the World Vision Cambodia’s World Book Day campaign, social media tiles, cover photos and filters, and guides for community groups to help fundraising successfully and spread awareness on the importance of books for education and childhood development.

How do I donate online?

You can donate online through our main World Book Day website page: Here, you will find a Wing code you can use to donate from your wing account or a link to our GoFundMe page to make a donation via your credit or debit card. For more information, see GoFundMe’s common questions Don’t forget to share these links for others to participate too.

How do I donate offline?

To donate offline, simply visit a Wing Branch and deposit the funds using the code on our website. If you are participating with a school, they will collect the funds and deposit them for you. If you are participating with an ADP office, they will collect the funds and deposit them for you. If you have any issues or difficulty donating through these avenues, please contact World Vision Cambodia Communications team at:

Where does the money I raise go?

This year’s World Book Day campaign will help World Vision Cambodia support Education programs throughout Cambodia. The funds will go towards the purchase of books which will be used to fill libraries and classrooms with a diverse range of reading materials which meet the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports standards. Through providing these books to primary school students, children develop better reading habits and increase reading frequency and learning outcomes. This will assist children completing primary school education and move into secondary school. With the right resources, books, and community support, every child can obtain the literacy skills to thrive.

Need help or have more questions? Contact World Vision Cambodia Communications team at:


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